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It is not what tragedy befalls us that sets us apart, but how we get past it that counts.

Working on my music today I read through and practiced a couple of my old love songs.

Singing "The Sea Was Blue" took me right back to those moments in time when I was blissfully in love.

Music is one of the few time transportation devices I know. The others? Pictures and mementos. Auditory, visual and kinesthetic modes of our senses. I try to use all these modalities when I write. The turn of a phrase can be 'seen' by the mind's eye, the description of sounds are 'heard' and recognized, and emotional connections can be kinesthetically "felt" by association with our prior experiences.

Isn't it amazing how music is an integral part of any culture? It transcends time and space, functioning as a touchstone to our humanity.

By expressing universal truths through my own experience, I provide another, unique perspective that others might find helpful and insightful with regards to their own experience. This creates a safe community of understanding where we don't feel quite so alone.

I have learned to accept the changing tides of my life - the needs of the heart vs the needs of the spirit have always plagued me to a certain degree. I have a great aversion to standing still, not making progress, not growing. No matter how much I love someone I also want to learn about them, access a deeper connection with them, and when I can't I move on.

Some people are willing to stay stuck because it's easier. People don't like confrontation - especially confronting their own self-imposed limits. I have been guilty of that often enough! Still, my dissatisfaction with my situation has brought me far; through being a single parent for 18 years, being seriously injured in a car accident, losing my dream house, chronic pain - all of it. It is not what tragedy befalls us that sets us apart, but how we get past it that counts.

I hope my music can help bring closure after difficult times, break free from love's abandonment and stand strong when we must face the future.

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