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Our Umbilical Connection to Earth

We all want to feel good. We also know that a lot of the time we don't. What if we could improve?

I grew up on 30 acres of mostly forest. I remember going barefoot everywhere! I remember playing mud pies, and playing in the dirt with plastic horses. I can still remember the dirt and mud squishing up between my toes. When I would go to the beach, and 'til this day, I always stand in the surf barefoot and let the water swim around them and feel the sand leach away, pulling me deeper into the earth.

I just watched this documentary on "Earthing". I encourage you to watch it too. I was advocating this long before I saw this movie. Now, that I have been reminded, I will re-cultivate my 'Earthing outings'. I have been connected to the earth since my childhood, feeling the need to garden, walk, ride my horse, and do all the work involved with animals. Since I moved to Eugene, OR I have been in an apartment. Still, I walk, kayak and watch the trees. Now, I need to take off my shoes and walk on the grass in our many parks!

I have also had some physical distress since moving here. This documentary indicates that some illnesses can be helped by Earthing. I am going to do an experiment. I am going to create a check off sheet to identify my physical symptoms, weight and degree of pain as well as what days I "Earthed". I'll keep you posted on my progress.

Here is the link to the movie!

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