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I'm a new Grandma!

It is such a joyous occasion to see people fall in love and join in union! That's why I love to sing for weddings. Even more inspiring and joyous is the love and dedication of my daughter and her husband. And now they are three! My daughter accomplished a natural birth and so quickly, I wasn't even in the hospital! They had a son, and such a lovely boy! Her husband was with her throughout the process. I am so thankful!

Grandma. It is almost a foreign word. It means higher in the age hierarchy. It means immutable teacher. It means praise-giver. It means joyful heart. It means sharing, supporting and loving.And I'm sure there are many other adjectives that I have yet to discover.

This 'aging' thing is mysterious. Just as my daughter's 'mother' identity is mysterious and her husband's 'daddy' identity. We each have to figure out what the term means to us and how it affects those we love. I find myself doing a lot of self-reflection, and how I can be a good grandma. Regardless, it will hold unimaginable joy!

(This picture is of me and my children when I was 30 years old.)

Me at age 30 with my son and daughter.

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