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Nature-centered, Folk based, Introspective Music with a Celtic Twist!

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Return to Beginning: First Place Winner, Spring 2023 from the World Songwriting Awards
Einen - Return To BeginningEinen
00:00 / 05:58
In Oregon: First Place Winner, Fall 2022
from the World Songwriting Awards
Einen - In OregonEinen
00:00 / 04:49
Mariner's SongEinen
00:00 / 05:22
Two Top 10's World Songwriting Awards
Einen - Ghosts of SummerEinen
00:00 / 03:34

Einen's Music

Authentic.  Inspirational.  Introspective.  And, oh, so peaceful!

Einen is a native Oregonian and environmental steward. She is the custodian of 30 acres of natural habitat. She also incorporates her love and understanding of Nature into her music. Her message is simple: Be the human you are, reconnect with Mother Nature, and be kind

to one another.

Einen brings moments of love, loss, and hope to full focus with gentle melodies, a pure,

3 octave range and philosophical lyrics. It is peaceful, gentle, insightful music. Her voice,

a mixture of power and tenderness, captivates her audience who listen with closed eyes, transported somewhere peaceful. Audience members claim she takes them to a peaceful plane of existence. They are often seen with their eyes closed allowing her music to

wash over them. Listeners say her music is "Salve to the Soul”, that she is "One" with the music she performs. Einen cultivates a feeling of timelessness, of being lost in the moment, creating a bridge to our earthly connection. The gentle addition of her Autoharp completes the tapestry.

Allow yourself to be immersed.

Einen writes music meant to gently inspire a closer connection to nature, both in

the outer world and the world inside.  Each of her compositions offer a view into

the hidden parts of ourselves. Her music is Folk based, Nature centered, and introspective.

Einen means "Alone" in Old Norse and represents not only her heritage and solo

career but her ability to turn obstacles into opportunities. Due to a car accident in

1996, she lives with chronic pain, as well as a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) resulting

in vision problems and some neurological issues. During her ongoing recovery she

still writes music. In 2018 she produced her third album "Tides". She is always working toward her next.


"I have always been a singer/songwriter. My original compositions are like pictures

in time. Moments that trickle into memory and live there. I begin writing from a particularly vivid moment. I expand that moment with descriptions pulled from my understanding of the world around me and Nature. It seems to me if we lived more in concert with Nature, we could simplify our lives and enjoy them more.  I hope my 

music affects my listeners in this way. People leave my performances soothed and relaxed.  I am pleased to be able to offer a refuge, a place where you can leave the

world behind for a while and focus on you.” 

I spent my first 17 years on 30 acres of natural forestland which remains with my family today. I played in the creek, walked through the forest and the secluded meadows where deer had spent the night. I felt in tune with my surroundings.  Now 50+ years later this awareness still inspires my music. I hope you enjoy what I offer: my experience, my wisdom and my love of the simpler things in life.


Be the human you aspire to be, reconnect with
Mother Nature, and be kind to one another.

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