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Mariner's Song - Einen
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Einen's Music

Authentic.  Inspirational.  Introspective. And, oh, so peaceful!

This Oregon singer/songwriter guides
her listeners to stop and reflect. Moments, pulled from her experience, are poetically described, blended with wisdom and twined with a sweeping 3 octave range.  The gentle addition of her Autoharp completes the tapestry.

Einen writes music meant to gently inspire a closer connection to nature,

both in the outer world and the world inside.  Each of her compositions offer a view into the hidden parts of ourselves.

Einen means "Alone" in Old Norse and represents not only her heritage and solo career but her ability to stand strong.  

Join Einen's crusade

for peaceful music!

This National Geographic video is the perfect explanation for my love for, and desire to support, Mother Nature.  Even ONE PERSON

can try to maintain the balance between human habitation and the health of the Earth on their own property, condo or apartment.  Join my mailing list or follow my blog and I will share with you eco-friendly tidbits now and again from my small island of existence. 

I spent the majority of my childhood on 30 acres. I felt in tune with my surroundings. I often felt like others thought I was weird and just crazy. Now I think this awareness is something I should teach others, just as this video introduces all of us to people who already make a difference by cooperating with Nature.  My music reflects this unity.  I wish I had paid even better attention.