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Einen's latest album, "Tides"  features Autoharp, flute and cello.  "Phoenix Rising",  recorded in 1996, features piano, guitar, saxophone and flute.  Her first album, "Journeys", recorded in 1994, features just the Autoharp as accompaniment.  

Einen was in a car accident in 1996 which limits her ability to perform music.  However, nothing can stop her from writing! She continues to write music and intends to create new recordings, so stay in touch!

Einen's music is a gentle folk style infused with thoughtful lyrics, layers of meaning and back-to-nature ethics.  She writes music meant to inspire a closer connection to nature, both in the outer world and the world inside ourselves.  Her originals, filled with beautiful analogies to Mother Nature, are characterized by the earthiness of folk and the empathy of hard-earned wisdom.

Einen's sweeping 3 octave range is pure, clear and "Salve to the Soul".  Her voice is a mixture of power and tenderness which captivates her listeners.  She exhibits a "oneness" with the music she performs, a feeling of timelessness, of being lost in the moment.                  

"I have always been a singer/songwriter.  My original compositions are like pictures in time.  Moments that trickle into memory and live there."


Einen performs and composes with an Autoharp. She is

self-taught so her technique is uniquely stylized. The mellow, full-bodied sound of Einen's voice and her 36 string Autoharp combine to create an intimate aura which soothes, uplifts and renews your spirit.  Each composition gently offers a view into the hidden parts of ourselves.  She borrows her imagery from the beauty that surrounds us and the similarities between us.  Freedom of expression, permission for the process of experience, and respect for Creation, including ourselves, motivates her music.  Her music connects with people.

"People leave my performances soothed and  relaxed.  My intention is to open up your ears followed closely by your heart.  I offer respite from the stresses we all experience. Music has power.  I choose to sing songs that convey a message.  Some purposefully contain more than one.  Each listener will hear the message that is appropriate for them.   I want at least one person in my audience to be able to breathe deeply, and realize that they are not alone."

Einen's Musical Philosophy

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Be the human you aspire to be, reconnect with
Mother Nature, and be kind to one another.

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