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 "I absolutely love your voice - it's rich and full

and has a really good

range; you don't lose the quality at either end. 

Most excellent indeed!"

Kray Van Kirk


"It was really great to meet

you today -- an honor and a privilege!   Wow. Your voice 

is sublime. How I admire your ability to occupy such a transcendent realm with such angelic prowess, so much grace and beauty."



Audience Member 


Short Bio

Einen's music is a gentle folk style infused with thoughtful lyrics, layers of meaning and back-to-nature ethics.

She writes music meant to inspire a closer connection to nature, both in the outer world and the world inside ourselves.  Her originals, filled with beautiful analogies to Mother Nature, are characterized by the earthiness of folk and the empathy of hard-earned wisdom.  She shares what she has learned through simple, elegant lyrics.

Einen's sweeping 3 octave range is pure and clear and "Salve to the Soul".  Her voice is a mixture of

power and tenderness which captivates her listeners.  She exhibits a "oneness" with the music she performs.        

"People leave my performances soothed and relaxed. My intention is to open up your ears followed closely 

by your heart.  I offer respite from the stresses we all experience.  Music has power. 

I write songs that convey a moment,  a realization, and that  offer a new perspective.   

I want at least one person in my audience to be able to breathe deeply,and realize that they are not alone."  

2018 image 49 edited w blur.jpg

Einen performing on her front porch.

2018 image 29 cropped.jpg

Einen outstanding in her field!

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