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Change Your Situation

It is often difficult to acknowledge our situation in life. Sometimes it is a coping mechanism to ignore the facts. Sometimes we may not really be aware of how our situation dictates our lives to a certain degree.

Take me. I have experienced first hand, rape, verbal and physical abuse, emotional abuse and degrading relationships. I have also experienced raising a child for 18 years by myself for the most part, working and going to school. I have permanent disabilities as a result of a car accident, so cannot do full, or even regular part time, work. This is not a definitive list of my situation, but it is a basis for discussion.

What would you expect someone in this situation to do? I figured I had the following options: 1. Choose to suffer and whine and relinquish myself to a long road of pain. 2. Choose to do my best to live my life fully, joyfully, responsibly and with the intent that I will improve my situation, even if it is only degrees at a time. Yoga to strengthen and relax my injured body; yard work to feel the earth in my hands and the satisfaction of seeing things grow and change; learning to promote my music even though I can't perform much or tour; be optimistic instead of pessimistic; contribute to someone else's life in some small way. These are things I CAN do! These are things that I must do to keep myself engaged in life!

We each have our own boat.  Are you gonna row, or stay anchored?

Don't let your situation, whatever it might be, dictate who you are. Rise above the minimal expectations and stay centered in self-improvement and self-expression. That is how we improve our little corner of the world. What do you think could happen if we all just improved our little corner? It comes first as a way to save ourselves, and merges into a way to save others. Perhaps remaining true to ourselves is the only way to peace. Remember, acceptance does not mean submission.

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