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Who or what are we fighting?

Let's talk about the current human condition.

If it takes Russia sending nuclear bombs to Ukraine for us to get involved, to retaliate against Russia with our own nuclear bombs, let's do it! If after all this time on earth, if after all this time improving our conditions, expanding our horizons, is this the best we can do? Then let's end it now. We don't deserve to inhabit Mother Earth. People can be so blinded by their own inner workings (read thirst for power) that they do not recognize those they try to oppress as humanity. Putin is indeed the most powerful man on earth! The rest of the world cowers at his raised fist over Ukraine, we let the Ukrainians die, lose their homes, their lands, their culture because of one man!? Even the Russian people are fleeing Russia. Will we all flee when he invades the next country, and the next, and the next? When will our creative minds reach for something other than war to solve our problems? Is our right to life greater than another's? Hear me - I believe power hungry men (and women) should be held accountable. Sometimes it takes the courts, sometimes an assassination, sometimes a conflict, a regime change, a war. That is because that is where our interests lay. Too many of us are interested only in how it benefits them. With this mindset they will get the court, or the bullet, or the war.

The bottom line? Humanity needs to change its mindset to be constructive, cooperative, compassionate and creative. Teach our children to love, not hate or to feel superior, or inferior, to others. I am so disgusted by politics. It is just the 'legal' way of taking what you want without regard for the people from whom it is taken. God, I wish our species would grow up! There are only a few of these massively narcissistic menaces on the earth. There are thousands more that allow themselves to be persecuted. Where is Dumbledoor when you need him?

Those who know of me will undoubtedly be surprised by my vehemence here. I do my best to write music of peace, solutions for every day problems, how to deal with setbacks. I strongly believe that our neglect of the earth and the natural processes of things will do our species in. Our own conceit will kill us. I am repeatedly disheartened. AND I will support those who are making a difference in their world. If you so choose, you may join me and the Alluvium Church of Eugene to support Fulbright Scholar and Professor Svitlana Khutka of Stanford University / University of Kyiv and her family in Kiev. Svitlana is a generous supporter of Alluvium. Let's give back.

May your heart and mind work together for a better solution.


If you’d like to write your Congress members to #StandwithUkraine, here are the links for folks in Lane County. You can ask for harsher sanctions against Russia and/or endorsement of a no fly zone.

Ron Wyden (Senator)

Jeff Merkley (Senator)

Peter DiFazio (Representative)

Where have all the flowers gone? Gone to graveyards every one. When will we ever learn? When will we ever learn?


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