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My Journey to TV and Film Syncs!

I've spent the last two years studying with excellent mentors the process of getting my songs chosen for

synchronization with TV and Film.

It has been alot to learn, and I am still learning. I am also learning how to record at home. I have a little studio, ready and waiting. And waiting. I take so long to initiate a new process, maybe from my inherent psychology, or from my brain injury, I'm not sure which.

At any rate, I am here to once again disperse my seeds of knowledge and wisdom. I've been struggling with the fact that I am getting older and I am NOT ready to be old. I may have a bit of a reprieve coming. I may be undergoing either steroid injections in my neck, or burning the nerves there. I have not been funneled through the health care system (misnomer?) to these possibilities until now - 26 YEARS after my accident. I hereby announce, "YOU MUST ADVOCATE FOR YOUR OWN HEALTH CARE!"

Another issue I must contend with is clearing out all the things that no longer serve me, but only serve the clutter in my house. I have also had to remove a couple of people from my clutter. It is better for my peace of mind and creativity to remove those who only belittle it, or the lack of opportunity and the falsehood of hope. PHTTH.

And now (drum roll please) I will share that all the music supervisors, producers and other artists I have come in contact with have all commented "beautiful" after listening to my music. I am validated and supported. Something that has been severely lacking in my life in the past. I believe I am on the verge of great things.

My dad used to say they picked me up at Sears when I was a baby. I used to feel pretty alien in my social relationships and claimed I was from Venus.

I thought this video of me dancing naked would really fit the bill.

Blessings to all! And my new motto:

Be the human you are,

reconnect with Mother Nature,

and be kind to one another.


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