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Get lost...

Have you ever completely lost track of time while doing something you enjoy? Maybe it was visiting with an engaging friend, or watching a sporting event, or painting, etc. I get lost when I sing, when I write and when I go horseback riding. I also get lost when I pick blueberries! These are all things that I LOVE doing. And that is the secret.

What do you love doing? What do you yearn for? What floats your boat? Discover it and DO it! Allow yourself to get lost.

I have written a number of songs that encourage this feeling of total abandon to all exterior influences. "Phoenix Rising", "Summer Sunset, Autumn Leaves", "Mariner's Song", "Rippling Velvet Ribbon", "I wish I was a Willow", to name a few.

Get caught up in the present moment. Stop and smell the roses! It takes a conscious effort, but it IS worth it. It will lower your blood pressure and heart rate. You won't growl at people. A smile won't hurt your face.

Even a simple hug when you concentrate on the contact, the appreciation for the other person (or animal!) and the acceptance of that appreciation from the other person or animal can have a HUGE impact! My friend up the road was having a bad day when I went to visit. I followed her outside and stopped her to give her a much needed hug. Later she texted me this message: "Hey, I wanted to thank you again for the hugs today. I was headed for a panic attack and you warded it off. Thank you."

Not only was she feeling better, it made me feel better to know I helped her. All this is meant to do, is remind you of the good things life has to offer. We get so wrapped around the axle sometimes, moving too fast to feel the ground. JUST STOP! And immerse yourself in something Coooool.

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