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Aw, shucks. I did it again!

I entered the Spring 2023 World Songwriter Awards not believing my lucky streak would continue. But I was wrong! I won again! This time for my song "Return to Beginning". It's a song about personal decisions and honoring your innate wisdom. You can listen to it here!

Tis another feather in my cap! I may have to start wearing all my hats again.

Other exciting things are happening, too! I was called to audition from SOUNDBETTER to sing a song in a video game from PARIS! How cool is that? I'm back in the recording studio and will have my next single out soon.

I've been camping out on my property in Salem about once a month. It has been quite renewing and refreshing. Other than sleeping on the ground. I'm getting a cot. My body is getting a little grumpy with the up and down stuff. I am finding that living in Eugene has its advantages, but also it's disadvantages. The noise is constant. Being out in the country you don't hear that so much - only the distant hum of traffic, or the periodic low flying helicopter... I am glad I have the option to go there when I want.

I am excited for what the next few months and years will bring!


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