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There sure are some stories going 'round! Of course, there are many different sides to the stories...The shadow government skimming money off of the taxpayers and doing reverse engineering of alien craft which then may be responsible for abductions and cattle mutilations to keep us in a 'controlled state of fear'...The hard work of Dr, Stephen Greer (check him out) as well as the three witnesses at the latest hearing... Ancient Aliens, the History channel, and a myriad of others posing sometimes credible events (sometimes not so much).

I must confess. I HAVE SEEN UFO'S TWICE!

The first time my family was going to the drive -in movie (yeah - we used to have them!) We saw three white saucer shaped crafts hovering near a puffy set of summer clouds. We watched them, wondering what they were, when, ZIP!, they all flew off in different directions.

The second time I was sleeping outside on the front lawn with my best friend in high school (yep - I went through that too!) when up over the trees came this HUMONGOUS craft way up in the sky. It was glowing a bright orange and was shaped like a boomerang. I therefore called it the Space Boomerang in all my sophistication. My friend and I watched it cross the sky - no sound, no exhaust. It was perplexing. I had never heard of a UFO in that shape or color before. However, I recently went to the MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) website to submit my sightings, and got to looking at other reports. I found one other mention of a Boomerang shaped craft. I had been Vindicated!

Humans have long been on the hunt for meaning, exploring the heavens and postulating theories about other life in the universe. Could it be that we are finally on the precipice of verifying the presence of other intelligent life? I think it would be very exciting, and I DO NOT believe they would come to ensnare us for their evil purposes. Just because those in control of our governments, the militaries, the arms dealers are nefarious does not automatically transfer to the intent of other beings from other galaxies. I wish the aliens would do a little more interfering in the war mongering tribes of the world.

Whether or not you believe in the possibility of aliens or are total skeptics it will not change the outcome of future discoveries. The human genome still has much to tell us. It does change with environmental factors inherited from our ancestors. Just think if we were seeded on Earth by aliens - that would really blow your mind, huh?

I do not expect my little blog to influence you in your belief. I have no proof of my sightings, other that the people with me at the time. This is true for the vast majority of sightings. Nor do we have proof of Faith or Love.

But they are integral to our meander through life. For me, I can only believe my senses, just like everybody else. So I believe I saw UFO's/UAP's. Can't wait to meet some real interplanetary biologics!


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