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The Phoenix Spring

My song "Phoenix Rising" has been praised by many.

My favorite praise came from Antonio of C.O.P.S.S via Music Xray: "This song is beautifully written, performed, and arranged, however at 6:50 its a movie score for a well set religious theme. It appears that "the song wrote itself" is a true testament to the words just came out so fluent that you couldn't stop. Almost is if the message in the song was meant to come out, and end at 6:50. Sometimes when and the artist gets that urge or feeling, magic is often made, which is the case with this song, and many that have been made over time. I have to reflect on the song from the Titanic, it too was beautifully written, performed, produced, and arranged. My only critique for

this song is that I don't have one."

In an effort to increase my fan base and spread my music I am offering a free download of "Phoenix Rising" in exchange for your email address. Won't you help me reach out to others who may enjoy my music by sharing this post?

I begin recording for my 3rd cd in May. It will contain my best work over the last 20 years since my car accident. I'd love to share it with you!

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