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Holiday well-wishes to all!

It's been a difficult year for just about everyone, huh? Each of us have been challenged in different ways and had to respond in the only ways we know how. Have you figured out something new about yourself and your capabilities? Have you found solace in faith, or anger at authority, or humor at the absurdity of it all? I urge you to identify the quality of your root system. Are you rooted in fear? Are you rooted in love? Do you choose uncertainty? You know, I really struggle sometimes NOT to struggle but to accept what existence doles out for me. This is the challenge of my year. I'm growing older and I don't like it. It limits me and I want to be an unlimited being. Perhaps I should spend more attention to blending with the cosmos and less with trying to make my own legacy with my music. But it is my music that has sustained me through two divorces, the loss of a sister and my parents and some very dear friends along the way. I persist - I continue to write and record, and have created a recording section in my little apartment. Hanging sheets depicting the woods so I can feel more in my element. It is difficult, the learning curve of recording, submitting to licensing opportunities and dealing with the isolation of a pandemic. It is a challenge I accept. What is the meaning of these holidays if not to start anew? To begin each day with the renewed faith in ourselves and our ability to prevail. I choose to believe that. Bless you all, friends known and unknown. May the new year bring you hope and joy and love!


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