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Keep walking...

It has been a while since I posted. I'm sorry for that, but life became cumbersome. Don't you just HATE that? I was going along, thinking things were okay, even great at times, then WHAM! And life chuckles "Ooops!"

It doesn't matter who we are, smart or not so smart, handsome or beautiful or not so much, wealthy or poor. If our lives are important to us we try to make it work for us. But what happens when it stops working? Some will self-medicate hoping the problem will go away. Some will get angry and fight with anything or anyone in their path.

What do I do? I had to think about that. I thought about how I was thinking about my situation. I remembered raising my daughter when there wasn't enough money for regular bills much less any luxuries. But we got by. I took in foreign students and did more performing. I cut back where I could - which was difficult. The most important thing was that my daughter and I had fun in the everyday things. To this day one of our favorite memories was drying our hair over the floor vent when we moved to my first house (through the FmHA). Summers were spent splashing in a foot tall pool or in the stream at my parent's house. Tough times and good times.

Then I remembered, in my dismal tears, frustration and fear that: This, too, shall pass! Just keep putting one foot before the other. I discovered something else about myself. I tend to allow myself a couple days to wallow in misery and then I say to myself - Get your act together. Stop dwelling on what is wrong and work with what is right. Resist the onslaught of depression. Do something you enjoy, be it alone or with loved ones. I will work in the yard, go crazy cleaning, go on a walk, or sing. The thing I WON'T do is Nothing. We are in control of how we react to our world. If we don't push forward we are left behind.

I watched Lauren Southern's "Farmlands" on YouTube last night. I am so impressed with her bravery! She went to Africa to see for herself what the truth was about the murder and crime committed against the white farmers. What she discovered was much worse than the mainstream media portrays. She is a beautiful, thin, blond, white woman going to a truly hazardous location where there is a racial war against whites. I am blown away by her strength of character. How does this relate to my topic?

I am glad I am not in the midst of such terror. My problems are insignificant compared to theirs. How can I justify cowering in my tiny world when people like Lauren push the envelope? I think it is my responsibility to keep trying in the face of adversity.

Things change. Time moves forward. Take heart. Whatever your situation you CAN get through it. Find that kernel inside you that learned to walk after falling down again and again and again. Remember your persistence and keep walking.

Keep walking...
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