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If you've ever seen the movie "Contact" you will probably remember "Occam's Razor". When I am trying to solve a problem, or write new music, I try to work with the concept of simplicity as a guide. I have been recording music again and hope to have a new CD available by the end of 2018. Simple, right? No, not so simple.

There are a lot of things to consider when planning for a CD. What songs do I put on? How will my chosen songs sound together? What order to I put them in? How do I schedule my resources? Who can I find to play cello? Flute? Guitar? How do I keep track of the hours they spend recording and compensate them adequately? How can I teach them the songs since I don't have sheet music? Which songs need a redo on what parts and how to explain that to my engineer? Which songs need which accompanists? Where do I get the background sounds I want? How do I edit them to be exactly what I want? Where should I get it produced? How do I accomplish everything by myself?

Logistics aside, it is an exciting process for me! And when I get bogged down? I just say to myself "Keep is simple silly"!

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