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FREE ALBUM DOWNLOAD (for a limited time)

Hello! Whew, the major turmoil in my life is slowing down! I have finished the recording of my new CD "Tides" and moved to Eugene. I'm beginning to meet new people and exploring my surroundings, thankful that my natural sense of direction doesn't fail me here either!

Won't you do a favor for me? I really want to share this new CD. It is meant to be therapeutic for people going through tough times. I am offering it as a free download on my website in exchange for the person's email address. Is that so much to ask? Besides, there will be more music coming, and people on my email list will be the first to know and have access to it! You can share my website address, and then go get your FREE ALBUM! What???? Yes, sir, Free.

Thank you for your support. Your help means a lot to me!

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