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Got my KAYAK!

I bought a brand new kayak in my favorite color - GREEN! And I have a GREEN life jacket! You have no doubt noticed my preference for green in my website colors. Green makes me feel peaceful and alive. I had to give up my horse when I moved to Eugene, so I had to find a new source for physical activity that would keep me healthier. I have a stream that flows into a little lake near my place and I can't wait to try it out.

Do you have a favorite activity that gets your muscles moving and your heart pumping? Since I have chronic pain I use yoga, walking and soon kayaking to get me out of my chair and into life. I still have to moderate the degree of activity and the frequency, but I do it because it makes my body feel better.

Believe me, I know some of us would rather sit and watch TV, eat bon bons and have the dog get our slippers. Unfortunately, that is not a very healthy life style. Don't do it for anyone but yourself. YOU are the one who governs YOU. If you are in a domestic violence situation, please contact your local shelter for help. If you are medically fragile, ask your doctor for help. If you are mentally stressed, go to a counselor for help. In other words, if you want to change your life, but are just not sure where to start - GET HELP! I can assist you if you have trouble doing it on your own. Life is difficult enough as it is without additional burdens that can be cleared up. We can do it together if you contact me. You can be anonymous if you wish. I just want to help if I can.

I want to enjoy my life. I've taken care of people the majority of my life and it has been difficult to put myself first. Just like on an airplane - put your mask on first before helping others. Our mental health is dependent on our feeling of control in our environment. Life is too short to let others control your existence - take possession of your direction. Then let your kayak take you downstream to new adventures!

Bravery is one thing, but stupidity...

Bravery is one thing, but stupidity...

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