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Three notes of Wisdom

My first official songwriter showcase is this Thursday from 6 to 7 at Epic Elixerz, 960 W 5th Ave, Eugene, Oregon. Epic Elixirz is a project of Epicurean Collective, a group of friends looking to support a regenerative local economy through art, celebration, edutainment, community connection, chocolate and other healthy indulgences. Hope you can come! This is also the home of The Listening Room song circle, hosted by songstress Katie Sontag, on Sunday nights at 6:30. We are a welcoming group of folks, so we hope to see you there too!

Done with the plug! Today I want to remind you that life is a never-ending river of events, some good, some bad, some meh. I intend to look at the positive side even if it is a negative event. This, of course, has a flip side. I have also trained myself to look out for the negative even in a positive event. A balancing act.

A few notes of wisdom:

Always take the opportunity for love to blossom, even if you fear it, even if it ends badly. It will grow your heart, your understanding and your humanity.I'm not saying go into such events blindly. Do so purposefully, allowing your safety and boundaries to remain intact.

Always do something for yourself every day to feed your own joy, further your own dreams, and learn more about yourself! You are the best and only person who can take care of you the way you want to be taken care of.

Reconnect with the gifts of the earth: Pet an animal, smile at a child - or an adult, feel a tree trunk, put your hand on wet grass, pick up a fallen leaf and smell it or feel the bracing wind in your face. We may face our lives single or not, but regrowing an appreciation for creation is the one way I know to NOT feel alone.

Now, go jump in a pile of leaves!

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