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A Year of Memories: The Crucible of Life

I recently joined a support group for women in life transitions. Each of the women who gather around the little upstairs table have endured great hardships, physical, emotional and spiritual abuse, loss of loved ones, finances, or stability. And they have all seemed to gathered the inner strength to change the way they perceive their losses. I have endured much, but I am constantly amazed at the things people have to deal with. No one is immune to the crucible of life.

Here is an exercise that might help you feel a little better, a little stronger than you thought you were. Make a list of your losses, and then how you dealt with them, what gifts you received in the process and how your outlook on life has changed as a result. The only point to this exercise is to see how you have grown emotionally and spiritually. Sometimes the greatest gifts can come from miserable places.

So take heart! Whatever joy you have was preceded by some sadness. Likewise, whatever sadness or despair you feel now WILL pass and you will grow past it, ready to feel joy again. It may take a while. Some of my women friends still endure. We have reached out to one another for support. Don't be afraid to ask - we cannot always stand alone.

May the year 2020 bring you joy!

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