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Value the Moment

My philosophy, my wisdom and my music all come from my experience growing up on 30 acres of natural forestland. I attempt to bring my audience, be they listening to my music or reading my words, closer to and more aware of the gifts that Mother Nature has provided for us. Friends, family, even passing acquaintances, create the web of life in which we live. I've been pretty busy since Covid 19 hit us. Luckily, Lane county has not been severely hit, although with the opening of businesses we have had increasingly more instances. I increased my work as a necessary caregiver. I assisted my daughter while she worked from home with a baby. I enrolled in an online class to get my music into film and TV. I moved! And through it all I still had to take care of my own needs. Still, I was thankful that I could help those who needed me. Thankful that I could still pay my bills.Thankful for the friends I could still connect with. And so thankful for my family.

If Covid 19 has taught us anything, I hope it is to value the moments we have with family and friends. Unhappily, we could lose them at any moment. Take this moment, or plan to at least, to call your grandparents, parents, children, cousins, friend, and tell them that you love them. These are difficult times in SO many ways. We can prevent ourselves from unraveling if we focus on what is truly important. Those we love. Before we lose the chance.

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